Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cribs, twin meeting and crazy dreams

Came home from work last night and saw two giant boxes from Target leaning against the garage. The Syracuse girls purchased two cribs for us! Super nice. Can't wait to see them set up in the finished nursery.

Graco Lauren Classic Crib from Target x2. Photo from Target.
Went to another meeting for the Westshore Mother of Twins Club last night. I was talking with a women who I met at the January meeting and was 20 some weeks pregnant. She delivered her girls at 31 weeks and they've been in the NICU for five weeks, with no release date in the near future. She said she had received a negative FFN test that very morning but than her water broke. I felt so bad for her, she looked super drained and exhausted.

I had a dream about going into early labor last night (which I worry about constantly), probably because of talking to the other twin mom. But of course it was a pregnancy hormone weirdo dream so the babies were gingerbread cookie people and not babies. And instead of going to the hospital, I delivered at home and then decorated the cookies with frosting and displayed them on plates. I also took pictures and posted them to Facebook. Then I put them into pink mittens to keep them warm and finally called the doctor who was not pleased that I took the time to put frosting all over them before calling her. I also kept having dreams last night that my teeth were breaking into pieces and I kept saving the pieces in napkins in the fridge. Somewhat a relief when the alarm went off at 6:40 am.

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