Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bar of soap in sheets for leg cramps?

So a lot of pregnant women get awful leg cramps/charlie horses in the middle of the night. I've only had one really bad one but I read that regular exercise usually keeps them at bay. Which is comforting news until you get put on bed rest and your only exercise consists of getting up to pee 50 times a day.

My mom told me a trick she heard from my Aunt Phyllis who swears by this home remedy. Put a bar of soap between your mattress and your sheets and you won't have leg cramps anymore. Something about the magnesium in the soap. I was a little skeptical but if you Google anything about it, you'll find a ton of posts and articles. Even snopes.com said it can't determine if its true or not. So I've been sleeping with a bar of soap under my sheets for the past few days. No leg cramps yet....

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