Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gender reveal.... it's a....

We had our anatomy scan on Friday. Baby looked great, weighing in at 8 oz with a heartbeat around 149. We had the tech write down the gender in secret so we could do a gender reveal cake.

According to all the old wives tales, here's what I should be having:

Do you prefer salty (Boy) or sweet (girl)? Chocolate milk and grilled cheese. I guess sweet if we are counting the chocolate part of the milk.

Are you carrying low (boy) or high (girl). Belly looks low to me.

Is heartbeat over 140 (girl) or under 140 (boy). Over.

Does heartbeat sound like a galloping horse (girl) or train (boy)? Train all the way.

Chinese gender test said boy. (used this link:

Ring test (wedding rang dangled on string over belly turns in circles for girl, back and forth for boy). Back and forth.

Anne Helms. My cousin has successfully predicted every baby born in the family. She said girl.

Morning sickness (yes for girl, no for boy). This is so hard to answer because nothing was worse than morning sickness with the twins. I did feel nauseous most of the day but never threw up and only dry heaved about ten times. I would have said overall, no the morning sickness was not bad, so again points to a boy.

Dreams - Dreamed I was having a boy. So did my sister and cousin Alice. 

Skin - overall my skin is pretty much the same. They say girls steal your beauty and boys make you even more beautiful. Darren, as a smart man, said I obviously look more beautiful. Hard to call this one either way.

Hairy legs - Apparently the testosterone from a boy can make the hair on your legs grow quicker.This seems to be true for me this pregnancy.

Bump shape - carrying it all in front means boy, carrying it in hips and thighs means girls. Mine seems to be mostly in belly, but it was for girls too. 

Faces shape - Round with a rosy glow means girls (which is me!)

So in the end I really had no clue what gender the baby was. I was leaning slightly towards a boy. 

Barr baby #3 is...

A GIRL!!!!

Three girls under age 2 coming this spring! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

The many phases of baby gate set ups

We've gone through many phases with elaborate gate systems in an effort to childproof.

Here is the evolution!

Set up #1:
First baby set up when they first learned to crawl/walk.

Set up #2 (Opened up the space a bit, kept "safe zone" in living room with TV where kids couldn't get). We also blocked off the kitchen for a while but took out the kitchen gate eventually to give them more room to roam.
Gate between living room and entry way.
#2: Gate across the room block TV area.
Gate blocking lamp (not always effective!)
Set up #3, the current set up. Opened TV area but blocked actual TV. Still blocking access to stairs and entryway.

Open space!
TV watching increases lol. The magic of Disney.

Fire place child proofing!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Halloween, baby bump, more rashes, holiday photos

Oh I have been such a slacker blogger. I've decided to pull both the pregnancy and the mama of twin cards on this. And the working full time card. Life is just so busy lately.

Anyway, let's start with Halloween. We did not take the girls trick or treating last year, and even though the weather sucked and it was raining, we wanted to hit a couple houses this year. We took them to five of the neighbors houses. Guess who ate their candy? Me! Also I was pretty proud of me and Darren's costume this year.
Juno Halloween Costume

Year over Year Halloween 
So I will be 17 weeks tomorrow and I feel GIANT already. I know the doctor told me I would get big fast after the twins stretched everything out but I was still hoping to be that adorable pregnant lady. I've already been asked if I am due soon. Sigh. No. No I'm not due soon AT ALL. Oh well. The baby is healthy and I know I will take off any baby weight after the birth. I have my anatomy scan coming up next week so we find out gender soon!

We've also been having a series of rashes at our house. It started with Bailey's diaper rash (well really it started with roseola for Bailey, then roseola for Brooklyn, then mystery viral rash for Brooklyn). Bailey had a fever for an afternoon (only 102) and then got a rash all over her body a few days later. Another visit to the doctor and we found it was just viral. I guess some kids react to fevers and viruses this way. We luckily went the entire week this week without seeing the doctor. Great success! I don't know what you do as a parent if your job isn't flexible. I am very lucky that I can work from home, take a kid (or kids) to the doctor and make up any time I miss throughout the week.

Post fever rash

We had our holiday photo session last week. I am obsessed with our photographer, Leigh from Bouncing Light Photography. She did our wedding photos, the girls newborn session, our holiday photos last year and now holiday photos this year. Anyway, the girls would NOT smile. I am not exaggerating when I say they were pissed off angry the entire photo shoot. But the photos are kind of awesome that way. Like if you were walking down a dark alley and they two thug babies jumped out at you, you would be scared. My little peanuts!

Merry Christmas.