Saturday, March 30, 2013

25 week twin belly

The babies are the size of rutabagas. They weigh about 1.5 lbs according to the baby apps.

My gestational diabetes test was negative on Thursday, as well as my FFN test so no labor for two weeks. The doctor will keep doing the FFN test every two weeks until I get to 30 weeks. We'll be logging a lot of time at the doctor's office coming up.

I had Good Friday off and had an amazing day of pampering. Got a prenatal massage at Lakewood Masotherapy and then my friend Kendall did a free hair smoothing treatment (doc gave the approval on it) at her salon out in Beachwood. Apparently I won't have to straighten my hair for months so I am pretty pumped about it.

We also completed week one of our five week birthing class through Fairview Hospital on Thursday night. Most of it was focused on what happens to your body during pregnancy and delivery. The last half hour we took our pillows and blankets and did deep breathing techniques while our labor couch rubbed our back and shoulders. It was my favorite half hour of the week. We also used exercise balls to practice moving through the pain of contractions. To simulate the pain, the instructor asked the partners to pinch their pregnant wives (or girlfriends, or sisters, etc). She even told them to pinch harder 20 seconds into the contraction. She recommended practicing this at home. So if you see me with welts on my arms, its not spousal abuse, its contraction practice. (Note: I will not be practicing at home.)

25 week twin bellytwin belly pics

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Home Doppler

For my birthday, my husband bought me a home doppler so I could hear the babies' heartbeats whenever I wanted. For the neurotic and constant worriers, this little device can be very refreshing.

Photo from Amazon.
I *thought* I was picking up heartbeats around week 13. But I realize now that I was hearing my own heartbeat. The difference is how fast the heartbeat is. The actual baby (or babies) heartbeat will be much faster - you will probably have a hard time counting it. Baby heartbeats are usually around 120 to 180. (The girls have been around 150 for most of the pregnancy.) Our own heartbeats are much slower, under 100.

When you do find a baby heartbeat, it will sound more like horse hoof beats. I was  picking them up by week 15 or 16. Any time I get a little nervous or feel a weird cramp, its been refreshing to be able to hear them both. It keeps me sane and from freaking out because I am always worried. It helps too if you have an idea of where the babies are. I pay attention every ultrasound or when the doctor uses her doppler to see where she is hearing them. Obviously babies moves around but it can give you a starting point. It may take several minutes to find a heartbeat so be patient! I also use my doppler sparingly, like once a week or once every two weeks. I'm not really sure if its safe to use everyday. Be cautious about over use.

Here is the one I have. It's from angelsounds.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

24 week check up

Had another doctor's appointment today. This was the ninth ultrasound I've got this pregnancy. I hadn't realized that most people only get a couple ultrasounds throughout the entire 40 weeks until someone said something about this at my yoga class. A small perk for being high risk!

Anyway, both babies are now in the breached position. This makes sense because I've been feeling baby movement really low the last week or so. That would be the girls both kicking me about four inches below my belly button. There is still time for them to turn though.

I go back on Thursday for a fetal fibronectin test and the gestational diabetes test. The fetal fibronectin is a protein test that can indicate early labor is approaching. Hoping its at zero on Thursday! I guess a zero means you have almost no chance of going into labor for two weeks.

Also, my uterus is only measuring three weeks ahead at 27 weeks. Which is funny because I feel like I look about ready to pop. My blood pressure is still super low at 100/66. Point for me!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

24 week twin belly

Babies are each as long as an ear of corn. Weird to picture two humans that size living in my uterus. 24 weeks marks the age of "viability" meaning if I went into early labor now, the babies have a 70 percent chance of making it. This makes me feel a little better since I am constantly nervous about preterm labor.
24 week twin bellytwin pregnancy belly

Friday, March 22, 2013

Baby Bargains

One of my co-workers shared this wonderful resource with me. For most first time moms, you will have no idea what to register for and will feel completely overwhelmed by the hundreds of choices, brands and products out there. What do you really need? What brands are good and do you really need to spend that much?

Enter Baby Bargains.

Photo from the Baby Bargain's website.
With an online version and a book you can order, Baby Bargains reviews all things baby and makes suggestions for good, better and best purchases while giving grades to each manufacturer for the different types of products (strollers, high chairs, swings, play mats, etc.). One suggestion I would make, register for everything you need and then start looking at resale shops/craigslist for the exact items you want and slowly taking them off the registry. Trust me, babies need so much STUFF (especially if you have two in there) that I promise there will still be plenty on your registry even as you buy some items used. The swing that Baby Bargains rated best is listed at $179.00 on Babies R Us. I got two, one on craigslist and the other at a resale event, each $40.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Prenatal Yoga

I've been doing prenatal yoga classes at least once a week since week 10. Best decision ever. I take classes at Puma Yoga in Lakewood. The class is all pregnant women so we concentrate a lot on hips, back and shoulders, as well as building leg and arm strength. I highly recommend for any pregnant woman to take a prenatal yoga class. We also do a lot of breathing techniques that are supposed to help with labor. And, you can obviously do the moves on your own time anytime you need to stretch out your back or hips.

I also got a prenatal yoga video on amazon that is pretty good. I think you'll get more out of a class but if you want to try a video at home first, this one is only $10.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

23 week twin belly

Babies are the size of papayas!

They are moving around a lot now. Darren finally felt a powerful kick this week and admitted that was the first time he was positive he felt anything. I also saw something (a head?) poke through my belly in yoga class, which was really cool but weird.

23 week twin belly
twin belly photos

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Due date poll

They've started a poll at work. So far everyone is guessing around weeks 37 and 38. Makes me feel better no one has guessed super early (yet)!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

22 week twin belly

Babies are the size of spaghetti squashes this week!

My sister in law sent over two bins of maternity clothes. Dresses, tops, sweaters, pants, shorts, capris. I am in heaven. My maternity wardrobe will be better than my non-pregnancy wardrobe.

I tried a water aerobics class for the first time ever this week. When I was a lifeguard in high school, we used to make fun of the old women doing water aerobics. But I must say, it was a harder work out than I thought it would be! I'm going to try and go once  a week to vary up my walking/yoga routine.

22 week twin bellytwin belly growth

Mom's of Multiples Sale

Cleaned up! As a member, I got to go to the pre-sale last night. It was so overwhelming and crazy, there was soo much stuff! My mother-in-law came with me to help me pick out all the good deals. Spent $411.50 for all this:

Here's what I bought and what it retails new for:

Graco DuoGlide Twin Stroller (Retails around $150)
2 Graco Snugride 35 car seats with bases (Retails around $130 each)
Fisher Price Little Lamb Swing (Retails $100 to $170)
2 boppy pillows (Retails $30 to $45 each)
Twin breastfeeding pillow (Retails $55 to $75)
Tickle Me Elmo (Retails $20 to $30)
Baby Einstein Play Mat (Retails $50 to $70)
Whale bath tub (Retails $20)
Twin picture frame
Giraffe bank
Diaper Genie (Retails $20 to $40)
5 sleep sacks (Retails $20 a piece)
1 play stand
3 hand held music toys
2 Fisher Price space saver high chairs (Retails $45 to $60)
2 hand puppets
12 books
4 car seat toys
6 rattles and infant toys
1 bumbo seat and tray (Retails with tray for $50)
29 onsises
2 changing pads (Retails $25)
2 changing pad covers (Retails $17.99)

The clothes:

Friday, March 8, 2013

21 week check up

Had another ultrasound today. Babies looked good! Baby A is 15 oz and Baby B is 1 pound. They are just slightly ahead of schedule! Heartbeats were 156 and 153. Baby B is also transverse now instead of breached so that was good news. The specialist said there's still a lot of time though so we won't really know the final positions for a little bit. Both of the placentas are anterior so the doctor said I might not feel as much movement. I have been feeling tons though so I guess that doesn't matter.

Anyway, everything looked good so a pretty routine appointment. We didn't get a picture this time though!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snoogle, prenatal massage and the prenatal craddle

I am nervous to say it out loud but my back is actually feeling really good this week. I think its a combination of the prenatal massage I got (thank you to my brother and sister for the gift certificate!) and the prenatal cradle brace (stock photo pictured below) I've been wearing.

The other weird pregnancy contraption I bought on Amazon is the snoogle which has been amazing. I started having trouble sleeping around week 15-ish as I started getting too big to sleep on my back. I was using every pillow in the house to try and get comfortable and my cousin Alice suggested I try the snoogle. I bought it on Amazon (which was $15 cheaper than Babies R Us) and have been using it every night. Stock photo posted below in case you are wondering what the heck I am talking about.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

21 week twin belly

Each week I look in the mirror in amazement and wonder if I truly can get any bigger. And then I do. And then I do.

Other than being alarmed at my growing belly and wondering if people think I swallowed an elephant, my back has been killing me. On advice of the lovely ladies at my twin group, I purchased a prenatal cradle support band. Been wearing it since last night, hoping it helps. I also bought a pass to take water aerobics at our rec center. And sticking with yoga and my heating pad.

21 week twin belly

twin belly photos