Monday, October 26, 2015

Life with Three Under Three

I feel like we are all settling into a routine now that Morgan is sleeping through the night (most nights) and I've been back to work for three months. Our routine is based on total chaos but it's manageable. And crazy. But wonderful.

We try to really take advantage of the weekends and week nights and do fun outdoor things while the weather lets us and it's still light before bedtime. For the most part, it hasn't been a problem. I always wear Morgan in the baby bjorn and as long as she's fed, she is a happy little girl. I stopped breastfeeding a few weeks and am now loving the freedom that comes with formula. I feel good about the time I put in, but I simply couldn't do it any longer. Mamas that make it the full year, I salute you.

So to successfully do any outing (anything more than just a walk or quick park visit), there is so much prep that goes into it. I have to make sure we have the fully loaded diaper bag with snacks and sippy cups, spare clothes, wipes, diapers, a thermos with hot water (Morgan will NOT drink room temp formula), bottles, formula, a cup to pour the water into to heat the bottle, diaper rash cream, etc. And then you get all the coats/sweatshirts and boots/shoes and socks and hats ready. Don't forget the chew toys for the baby and the princess movie DVD for the toddlers. Etc. Etc. Etc. Writing this I feel like it probably doesn't sound like much to pack. But I swear it takes like an hour to get everyone ready and everything packed and out the door. I guess when you factor in keeping three kids alive while packing everything you can see where it gets more complicated. But we've done a lot of fun things this fall so it's all been worth it!

Here's a few things we've done recently:

Took Morgan swimming! And of course, comparison photos for your enjoyment. B&B were probably just a little younger the first time we took them swimming. Morgan lasted about two minutes before she started shivering. She sat with my sister in dry clothes while we played with the older girls. But look at how cute they all are! (Brooklyn in pink, Bailey in R,W &B, and Morgan in the yellow and blue.)

Darren teaches guitar to his girls.

Morgan falling asleep in the Baby Bjorn. Isn't she just perfect?

Had a night out with my sister at GARTH BROOKS. It was amazing.

Twin group outing at Patterson's farm!

All three girls at the pool.

I love this picture

Boo at the zoo. Look at those happy faces!!! ahahaha

Basic toddlers! 

Watching Frozen for the first 500th time.


Pajama Saturday

Twins in a corn maze 


I cannot do justice to how excited B&B were when we put Morgan in this doorway jumper. Every time Morgan does something new or uses a new baby contraption, B&B lose their mind. They are obsessed with their baby sister.

Apparently Mapleside has the longest slide in America. Darren liked it! B&B were stunned. 

Just so cute

Sorry, Bailey. Mommy is such a Harry Potter nerd, especially after i reread the books on maternity leave. Sent this to my sister when she wasn't responding to my messages. The unforgivable curse for you Aunt Katie!

6 months cutie pie

Morgan is 17 lbs 6oz (70th percentile) and 27.25 inches (92nd percentile). At six months Brooklyn was 14 lbs 15 oz, 24.75 inches and 15lbs 6 oz and 25 inches for Bailey.

She had her shots today (4 total including the flu shot) and she is not a fan of shots poor thing (who is?). We took B&B in to get the flu shot too. If you've ever take three kids under age three in for a shots, you may feel my pain.

Morgan is such a strong baby. It's interesting to see her hitting all the milestones so early after having preemies. She is already sitting up for a couple minutes without any support. She is always rolling and scooting and is this close to crawling. She is crawling backwards a little too. But by Christmas for sure.

She is finally sleeping through the night most night. Generally from 8 to 6:30, though she usually does have the random cry wake up in the middle of the night (the kind where I wake up, hesitate, debate on getting out of bed, and she stop just as I pull the covers back. Every time!). She still has some random nights where she doesn't sleep great (like last night for example) but overall I feel human and not exhausted every day. I mean, I'm still guzzling coffee. (Side note - graham latte from Starbucks is a tiny piece of heaven.)

Morgan's been eating solids for about a month. So far she's had squash, sweet potatoes, apples, carrots and cauliflower. Going to try eggplant and peaches next. We are only at once a day (she's still spitting up a lot and hit or miss with the feedings).

She is the most mellow happy baby ever I think. What a sweet baby girl.