Monday, January 12, 2015

The bad virus that took us all out...

Bailey did not leave the couch for four days.
So that stuff that's been going around  - the awful head cold, respiratory issues, chills, fever, etc. - we got it. Shortly after Christmas, Brooklyn got sick with high fever and cough/cold. I started to get sick too. We missed our New Years Eve party we had been planning with our twin parent friends, boo! Brooklyn was pretty sick for about a week (with a lingering cold that is STILL going) - took her to the doctor and it was just viral so nothing they can do for her. She was having a  lot of trouble sleeping and we had some extra mommy snuggles at night. At her worst I nearly took her to the ER b/c she was shaking so bad with chills and just acting really funny. Fever of 102 something. But the on call doctor said just to keep an eye on her. Luckily she started to get better. Then Bailey got sick. I still felt like death. We missed my dad's baptism which made me really bummed.

Bailey had a 103.6 degree temp the weekend after NYE. This made me very, very nervous. She was pretty lethargic and in general not feeling well. I spoke to the doctor on call and she basically said just to keep an eye on it (they NEVER seem as worried as I am. I'm like, she is sick! With a fever! And a cough! Should I go to the emergency room???? And the doctor always says just to keep an eye on them.). The next day her fever was gone and she seemed to be recovering. So we sent her to daycare on Monday. Her fever spiked Monday afternoon and by the time Darren picked her up and I got home from work she was back to 102.6 and acting very sick again. I took her in Tuesday morning to the doctor - double ear infection AND pneumonia. Last week was the sickest I have ever seen either of my kids (apart I guess from the NICU). She was just miserable. Missed an entire week of day care. She FINALLY started feeling better after about four days on the antibiotics.

Finally starting to feel better. Day 3 antibiotic vs day 4. Still on the couch. 
Bailey is now on day seven of her antibiotic.She had to be put on a pretty heavy dose of augmentin. One of the side effects of augmentin is diarrhea. Poor Bailey has had awful diarrhea all week. Her butt is just raw, red and bleeding. I have tried every diaper rash cream known to man (or baby) on her butt and nothing is helping. Spoke to the doctor this morning and they recommended mylanta/aquaphor mix (which I've been trying!) and to give her yogurt to eat (which I have been) so not much more I can do. Luckily it's a ten day antibiotic so she's almost done.

Two sick toddlers and a sick pregnant mama made the last couple weeks hard. I am really nervous about taking anything when pregnant so I was resisting. I felt AWFUL. Finally talked to the doctor on call asking what I could take and she says "literally any cold medicine is fine." Oh. So I took sudafed. I am pretty sure I had bronchitis through all of this. I didn't have time to go to the doctor (I know how bad that sounds, but I was trying to still work AND take my kids to doctor's appointments, and I had to take one day off to be with Bailey when she was really, really sick). So I never went. I was having a lot of shortness of breath and I've had bronchitis in the past so I knew what to expect. All they usually give you in an inhaler anyway (which I have for my asthma) so I just used that as needed. I also had my sister listen to everyone's lungs. Since she is a nurse on the pulmonary ICU, I figure she is just as qualified. She confirmed the bronchitis wheeze sound. And she also monitored Bailey to make sure the fluid was leaving her lungs. And she let Brooklyn play with her stethoscope. Fun times for all!
Dr. Brooklyn.

So this week everyone is better, back at day care, and I can't wait for spring to kill all these germs and viruses hanging around!

Somehow Darren hasn't really gotten sick yet. Either he already had it (Darren was sick for basically two months in October and November) or he is a lucky, lucky man. Or it's coming!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

24 weeks!

Here is my 24 week photo (from Saturday) compared to 24 weeks with twins! Baby is about as long as an ear of corn and weighs about 1 1/3 lbs. She is really starting to move around a lot! 

Friday, January 2, 2015

18 month check up and Help Me Grow referral

Girls went in for their 18 month well child visit (which was actually two days shy of turning 19 months) last week. Both are little peanuts - Brooklyn weights 21 lbs 4 oz and measures 31 inches long (7th percentile for weight, 20th for height), Bailey weighs 22 lbs 6 oz and measures 31.75 inches long (22nd percentile for weight, 25th for height). I have no idea if that is on the normal or the adjusted scale either. I think they stop using that at the 2 year mark so they are pretty close to caught up.

Anyway, my main concern has been the girls delay in speech. According to the baby books, they should say around 50 to 100 words by 18 months. The girls say one. They are really good at "uh oh." They have said a couple others but not on a regular basis (mama, dada, hi, bye, kitty, light, dog, jacket, cracker) and even then I'm not 100 percent sure on some of those since it was a one time deal. Mostly they just babble and point. They are very vocal, just not forming real words.

It's not unusual for twins or preemies to have speech delays. The doctor said she's not terribly worried about it until 2 years, but she did refer us to a free state program called Help Me Grow. Basically they will come into our house and evaluate the girls to see if they need any early intervention. So a case worker, a developmental specialist and a speech pathologist will all come over. Got a confirmation call from them today, just waiting on our case worker to call and set up a time.

I'm not that worried about it, but figure a free program wouldn't hurt anything!

Here's a video of the girls doing that twin talk back and forth (shot in the Target parking lot so it's dark, just listen to the audio):