Wednesday, February 26, 2014

First words (sort of?) and sign language

So I've heard both babies randomly say "words" during baby babble. Bailey has said a couple "das" and I've heard Brooklyn say "hi" before. But now Bailey is non stop staying "da da da da da." I'm not sure if this makes "dada" her first word then because it has nothing to do with Darren, ha.

Ironically, as Bailey started her non stop "dada" rambles on Sunday night, Brooklyn came out with "ma ma ma!" Which again, has nothing to do with me, but still, hearing your baby say "mama" for the first time is pretty awesome.

It's somewhat hard to catch them on video doing it because they kind of clam up/get distracted by my iphone but I've attempted to capture it below.

Also, I've noticed both babies have been doing the same hand motion whenever they get a bottle (squeezing their hand in and out, almost like milking a cow). I don't know sign language, but kept meaning to ask our babysitter if she's been teaching them any because I was pretty sure this meant milk. So she did confirm today that they've been learning a few signs, including milk. Smartest babies ever!

And everyone is feeling better finally! Hooray for healthy babies.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Goodbye baby weight!!!!

Officially lost all my twin baby weight! Praise Jesus! The girls will be 37 weeks tomorrow so that's how long it took me to lose the 5,000 pounds I gained. I know they always say it took nine months to gain it, it should take nine months to lose it. And yeah, technically I wasn't pregnant for the full nine months due to early delivery, but I had TWO so I think I am right on track. I wish there was a magic solution I could share (aka sell) with the other mamas out there for losing pregnancy weight. But in the end, eating healthy (most of the time) and working out (ha when I can) is the trick.

 I followed weight watchers which I think is hands down the easiest weight loss plan. For the brief time I was breastfeeding, it does  give you extra points to account for all the calories you are burning. And don't try to cheat the system and not eat all your points. That's stupid and unrealistic, plus it will mess with your metabolism. I really want to set a good example for my girls too so I don't want to do any weird diets that eliminate certain foods or force you to replace meals with shakes or cereal. No thanks. So I've been trying to focus on good choices and fewer processed items. Since I've been making all the baby food, we've had lots of fresh food around and I make extra and freeze it. That being said, I still love chipotle (now I get a burrito bowl with no cheese or sour cream) and have a serious weakness for chocolate and milkshakes. That's why I love weight watchers because you have extra weekly points for things like this. Obviously you can't splurge too often or you run out of points. 

So go me. Good luck to the other women trying to lose the baby weight. You'll get there. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

And then the other baby got sick

Well Brooklyn got her sister's fever. I worked from home Tuesday due to yet another awful snowstorm. Our day care called around two and said Brooklyn had a fever (100.4) so I picked her up. Unlike Bailey who is the happiest sick baby ever, Brooklyn was not very happy at all poor thing. She felt so crummy she hardly slept all night, but we did get in some nice cuddle time watching Little Mermaid. We kept her home from day care on Wednesday. (Darren, who is also sick, took a sick day from work. Apparently it's going around the entire family. I feel like a sick zombie. Luckily I never get fevers and never even register normal so I'm holding strong at 96 degrees. Vampire blood.)

She had a better night Wednesday but didn't seem 100 percent this morning so I kept her home from day care again. This time my aunt was able to come over and watch her.

I wondered if both babies would be devastated being separated for two days. I mean, they've never been apart since conception! Well they weren't phased in the slightest and I'm pretty sure didn't even notice, ha.

Both the girls have colds too. Just in case you think I am lying about their colds, check out all the disgusting dried boogers on Brooklyn's face this morning. For your enjoyment.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First baby sickness!

We survived babies' first virus.

Other than the NICU, they babies have been super healthy and we haven't once had to take them to the doctor besides well check up visits (which is really awesome, since preemies can sometimes get really sick. I think the summer birth date helped tremendously). Well Bailey threw up Saturday night and then was having trouble sleeping so I took her into our bed. At four am Sunday, she woke up crying and was radiating heat - temp of 102.6. So it's the middle of the night and I am frantically flipping through What to Expect the First Year to see if I need to take her to ER or just stick with Motrin. Apparently when babies are over 6 months, a high temp alone doesn't mean anything; (unless over 104) it's more how they are acting. And Bailey, of course, is the happiest sick baby ever. She would cry and then start smiling, laughing and talking. So on Sunday she was having a tough day - hardly eating and wouldn't nap really, on and off crying (but still playing). Brooklyn had a slight temp of 99.7. So lot's of Motrin all day.

Anyway, I had talked to the doctor Sunday morning but was still a little nervous on Monday and wanted to make sure it wasn't an ear infection or upper respiratory infection (Bailey also has a terrible cold). Plus we were both off for President's Day. So we took them in just to be safe. Everything looked good - just a virus, the doctor said. So we officially had our first unnecessary doctor's appointment but I'm sure there will be more.

Girls both weighed exactly 18 lbs. What are they twins or something?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bailey rolls!

It's official. Bailey is now a back to tummy roller. She's been able to go about 95 percent of the way for several months now (Brooklyn rolls onto her stomach all day long).  She finally did it about a week ago on the bed. We found her on we tummy in her crib this morning, and she also did it at day care today (Anne said she cried as soon as she rolled). My baby is growing up!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Eight months and a dramatic size comparison

Eight month photos. Check out the size comparison to Minnie Mouse from the three week pic vs the eighth month pic. 

Also, you can see how well they are sitting now! Big girls!