Friday, September 25, 2015

5 months!

Morgan's five month pic. And yeah, I misspelled months. #mombrain

And why yes, her shirt says "purr-fect like mommy!"

Bailey top left, Brookly bottom right. The other two are Morgan. Same age!

Morgan eats food, swings at park

Two baby firsts for Morgie Porgie this week!

We started her on baby food. Mixed up some butternut squash that I cooked in the crockpot (thank you Pinterest) in the baby bullet (yeah I'm THAT mom that makes all the baby food). Morgan wasn't feeling it though. Might be a little too early. She only just turned five months. I tried it a second time but she still wasn't that into it so I'll try again in a couple weeks.

Brookly and Bailey, however, lost their shit. Their little toddler minds EXPLODED with excitement. They went crazy wanting to feed Morgan (which we let them. Poor Morgan got a little bit force fed by over eager toddlers) and it was an adorable sister moment. Brooklyn was DEVASTATED when it was time to stop feeding Morgan. We had to show her that she could pretend feed her baby doll. I have never seen B&B so engrossed in an activity before. They were hyper focused on feeding their babies for a half hour straight and would have kept going if we didn't have to finally put them to bed. Very cute moment though.

I am actually still breastfeeding but I've cut down a lot. It was just too hard to pump at work. I started pumping just once a day at four months (supplementing with formula for the rest of the feeds) and dropped all day time pumping at five months. So I'm only BFing at night and in the morning. Morgan was STILL NOT SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT which was making me pretty tired, but she's actually (knock on wood) had an awesome streak of a week and a half where she's gone from 11 to 6 am, and some of those nights she's even gone 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. when I wake her up for daycare. So if she could keep this up, it would make me very happy!

We also let Morgan try out the baby swing at the park. I made up my mind at work that I would put her into it and then Googled it to see if I was a horrible parents. Seems like baby swings are made for 6 months plus but a lot of people put their babies in starting at four months. So we did it. Morgan seemed to really like it!

A few cute shots of her sisters at the park, too!

Sunflower field

There is a beautiful sunflower field (prayers for Maria) created as a tribute/fundraiser for a little girl who died of cancer. It's free and open to the public (with donations welcomed).

We took all three kids there and had a really nice visit. Pictures and videos below. Warming that they are melt your heart adorable. Brooklyn and Bailey were running through the sunflowers holding hands and giggling like crazy. Enjoy!  

Friday, September 4, 2015

Climbing into each other's cribs

Prepare for heart melting.

The girls just started climbing into each other's cribs. This is how we are finding them sleeping in the morning:

They haven't gone over the side yet but it's been a close call. I bought big girl bedding and know we need to convert the cribs soon but I'm trying to buy us a little more time. Not ready for my babies to be growing up! (Okay, I'm really not ready for my babies to change their now smooth bed time routine. Mommy desperately needs that!)

Watch these crazy 2 year olds climb back and forth in their cribs:

Rolling over and sitting up (with boppy)

Morgan is strongest baby ever. She rolled over tummy to back at 4 weeks and back  to tummy at 3.5 months. She is also starting to sit up (with the boppy). What a contrast to my preemies!

Watch Morgan roll over here:

Twin fest, camping, flower girls

It's been a busy August. Being a full time working mommy with three little ones at home leaves little time for much of anything so project blog hasn't been updated in some time.

Anyway we've had a few recent big adventures!

First, my sister got married! Brooklyn and Bailey were flower girls. They did really well for only being two. Did they make it down the aisle? Yes, with assistance. I carried Bailey and Darren held Brooklyn's hand. They were so freaking adorable. We handed off all three kids to Darren's parents after the ceremony and had a much needed adults only, open bar celebration with a hotel room to our very own. It was my second favorite wedding I've ever been to (I am biased with my own wedding as the best!). Congrats to my sister Katie and new brother Tim!

Twin survival get together, Twinsburg Twins Day and camping: We had another twin survival get together with our twin parent friends (pic below). It is such a great group. We also made it out to Twinsburg for the second year in a row and camped with our a couple and their kids from our twin group. It was so fun. We left Morgan overnight with my parents (this was my first night away from here, followed closely by my second night for my sister's wedding) and it was really nice for B&B to get our full attention. I think I had the most fun playing with them in the campsite pool that I have in a long time. Also, setting up tents with four toddlers running around was interesting. It was definitely a little more challenging (but also more fun) than last year.

Pics below!