Thursday, April 4, 2013

Craigslist Steals

I am now a professional Craigslist shopper. I had never bought anything before this pregnancy (much to the horror/amusement of my cousin Anne who helped walk me through my first purchase! She is a huge bargain shopper/fashionista, check out her fashion blog.) but now I've bought a few things. Basically any baby thing you need can be found on craigslist. My sister in law Shannon is also a pro-Craigslist shopper so she's been helping me find some good deals.

So far, we got a second swing for $40 (looks brand new, retails at $179.99 at Babies R Us) and two Graco car seat bases for Darren's truck ($20 each, retails new around $50 each).

This week, I bought all the toys below for $50:

From the same seller, I also bought a huge bag of girls clothes 3 to 6 months and girls clothes 6 to 9 months. Here's a picture of the girls clothes 6 to 9 months. Each bag was $60.

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