Monday, November 4, 2013

5 months and growing up

The girls turned five months on Friday. I swear in the last week they have changed so much. Darren was in China for a business trip for four days (even with a lot of help from family, it was so hard without him!) and he said they looked way bigger when he came back. I did an unofficial weigh in on our home scale and Brooklyn is 14.4 and Bailey is 14 lbs. That still puts them around the 25th percentile but they are catching up!
Aside from weight, they have been holding their heads way better too. We've been helping them sit up with the boppy pillows or just holding them that way and now Brooklyn tries to pull herself to a sitting position when you lay her flat. They are both just so curious and noisy and want to know whats going on. Both of them can also put weight on their legs now (obviously while being held!) and we've been flying them around the room on their tummy (super baby) which makes them crack up (see video below). It seems like they are interacting with us a lot more, and they are even looking and smiling at the other baby sometimes. 
Brooklyn definitely has a tooth (I can feel it! Slightly to her right). And I think Bailey might be teething now too because she just started acting like her sister with the drooling and having a little trouble sleeping (Saturday night she woke up every thirty to forty minutes all. night. long. That is so unusual for her!).  

We put them in the jumperoo for the first time and they loved that! It was like sensory overload... music, lights, bouncing and being able to see what's going on. 

They also love the new game of "super baby."

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