Monday, November 11, 2013

Care Bears costume, rolling over and sleepy parents

There was another used baby sale (this one hosted by Rocky River Early Childhood PTA) on Saturday. We don't really need anything, but I went for an hour just to check it out (and for a little mom break). Picked up a few clothes in the 6 to 12 month range (including a few pairs of $1 jeans, score) but the real winners of the day were the Care Bears costume for $8 (size 2t to 4t) and the mini George Foreman Play-Doh grill that sizzles when you press down. And don't you worry, I found a second Care Bears costume on ebay for $10 that I bought when I came  home. Compared to the twin sale, I was really overwhelmed because there were way more people there (I go to the twin sale on members only night so its not that crowded) and everything was set up by the seller's table instead of grouping all the same size clothing and items together. The advantage of having the seller tables is that you can bargain down items whereas the twin sale the price listed is what you pay.

In other news, Brooklyn rolled back to front four times on Saturday! She already moves around on the mat like crazy so I predict she crawls early. Also, she does have a tooth coming in. She hasn't had the best last few days because its been bugging her (I assume. Though she has yet to tell me what is bothering her in more concrete terms than "wah wah".) The only caveat of her flipping is that now I can't swaddle her completely when she sleeps. We've been trying to swaddle both girls with arm out (and I'll try both arms out in a few days, and then no swaddle at all after that.) Bailey has had a rough week (or two? time blends together) of sleeping. She keeps waking up every hour to hour and a half (or sometimes more frequently!). She goes back to sleep really fast (usually just a pacifier or a noise machine being turned on) but she just can't stay asleep the whole night for some reason. Which is making both Darren and I very sleepy. Being woken up several times a night even for these quick little interruptions really cramps your REM cycle. So perhaps she is teething too? Now that she has an arm free, she has been jamming her hand into her mouth. No temp or anything at least.

We also went to the fundraiser for the little boy Gavin who is dying from cancer. (his Facebook page:  It was unbelievable sad, though uplifting to see so many people come together for a family. They raised a ton of money  (I heard $20K so that's great). Both the parents and the little boy were there all night (in his Superman cape.) Puts things into perspective for moments when life seems difficult that your world can completely shatter overnight. Complaining about lack of sleep (see above) seems petty when you think about this family. I know how lucky and blessed we are to have two healthy baby girls.

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