Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bailey sleeps, solids and more

After two and a half weeks of Bailey waking up all night long, she finally slept through the night! God bless the creators of rice cereal. I really think that helped.

So you must be thinking, wow you are really refreshed after such a great night of sleep, why are you still chugging coffee and looking like a zombie? That would be because Brooklyn decided she was going to wake up all night long instead. #twinproblems

Actually part of Brooklyn's problem is that she LOVES flipping from her back to her tummy. Every time I went in there, she was on her stomach. Confession, the first time I went in there I was only half awake and could barely see in the dark. I tried to give her a pacifier and couldn't figure out why it wasn't going into her mouth. That's because I was trying to put it into the back of her head. Surprise, tummy down!

Here is a blog post that my coworker Margie (who doesn't have kids, but is a dog mom) sent me after I was complaining talking about Bailey's sleep issues. I really like this post because she discusses how its normal for babies/toddlers to have what she calls "the dark time" where they wake up constantly. She also says she nurses her baby to sleep, which all the experts tell you not to, and doesn't care because it works for her family. This made me feel a little better because I rock the girls to sleep every night and don't let them cry at all in their cribs (both of which experts would tell you I am pretty much destroying my children by not letting them fall asleep on their own or self soothe). This may change down the road but it works for us now, so to hell with the experts. Also, I refuse to labeled as a bad mom for rocking my babies to sleep. I came from the Penny Beckwith (my mom) school of child rearing in which the more hugs, kisses and cuddles the better.

We started the girls on rice cereal on Monday night. They were, of course, totally adorable. Brooklyn seemed to like it more than Bailey. They didn't eat much the first night, spit most of it up, but did a little better Tuesday night. The doctor said not to introduce anymore foods until the six months check up. Then I think I'll do sweet potatoes as the first food. I got a baby bullet to make baby food at my shower and I've been reading up on it and I'm really excited to start that.

Brooklyn's rice cereal adventures:

Bailey's rice cereal adventures:

Nov. 17 was World Prematurity Day. Makes me so happy I was able to carry the girls to 34 weeks after having several labor scares much earlier. And with only 11 days in the NICU, the girls did so great. My cousin's friend's friend recently had a 23 week old baby that weighed just over a pound. You can follow their story here: Warning that the images and stories are super upsetting. He is hanging on for now (according to the blog, I don't know the family) but could always use more prayers.

My 34 weekers:

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