Monday, November 25, 2013

Sleep issues continue

The girls FINALLY slept through the night again, at their grandparents' house, ha. We pawned the kids off on Darren's parents so we could have a night out (and some sleep), which was a wonderful and much needed break and a nice night out enjoying a few Christmas Ales. I warned my in-laws ahead of time that Bailey has been waking up at least five times a night (and when she actually sleeps, Brooklyn feels compelled to step in), but of course they both sleep like little angels without waking up once, ten hours for Bailey and eleven for Brooklyn.

I thought, well maybe they have finally passed through this dreaded sleep regression and Sunday night will be a good sleep night for all. FALSE. It was one of Bailey's worst sleep nights to date! She finally refused to go back to sleep at 3:45 am. Sigh.

Here are my theories on why they slept so well at their grandparents' house:
1. They (meaning Brooklyn and Bailey) are messing with us. Let's sleep the whole time over there but not when we are home, it will be funny!
2. They (meaning my in-laws) are messing with us. Maybe the girls really woke up 1,000 times like they have been. (Just kidding about this one.)
3.  Something about their house and the change of environment was conducive to sleep. I've already inquired about room temp and the heat setting is about the same.
4. The rice cereal. The girls got it in their bottle at my in-laws so got all of it down. We've been spoon feeding them and they are only getting some of it down (there's a lot of spitting up).
5. Bailey wanted to spend extra time with her mommy on my birthday (which is today, happy 29 to me).
6. There is no rhyme or reason, because they are babies and sometimes have good sleep nights and sometimes don't.

So I know the answer is probably number six. You can sit here all day (and night, because it's not like we'll be sleeping) and try to figure it out, but they are just babies and it's (hopefully) just a phase. They are so adorable though. That helps.

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