Thursday, October 24, 2013

Videos Galore

In an attempt not to over post on Facebook/Instagram (I am really trying, though it probably doesn't seem like it! I only post baby pics twice a week on Facebook, generally. Can I help it that they are so adorable?), I haven't really posted many of the videos I've taken. I am super nervous about losing my phone though (and yeah, I have everything backed up on the icloud but I don't trust it completely) so I wanted to get the videos onto YouTube so I'd have a copy there, too. Just in case my phone breaks, icloud stops working, and the backed up version on my lap top somehow erases.

Anyway, here is the YouTube link to a bunch of videos. It's all baby videos and Darren's band: 

We have yet to upload any videos from our actual video camera. Yep. We are those parents that take hardly any WAY too many photos and videos. It happens!

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