Monday, September 16, 2013

Babies' first infection

So the girls have been having sore, irritated necks from milk leaking down their chins and getting caught under the fat folds (Previously discussed here). The area has been red and there is white gunk (gross). I've been trying to clean it and keep it dry by putting cornstarch on it (to dry it out) and then slathering it with Aquaphor (the world's greatest baby cure all) but it kept getting worse. I spoke to the nurse today at the girls' pediatrician's office and she said it was a YEAST INFECTION. In their neck fat folds. Apparently this happens to babies all the time. And obese people. Yuck. Anyway, I have to put cream on their necks four times a day and it should clear up quickly.

Also a big thank you to the girls who slept peacefully through the entire episode of Breaking Bad and held off their nine o'clock feeding until ten.

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