Saturday, September 21, 2013

Twin club baby sale

Made out (again) at the wmotc sale. Picked up some stuff for my parents plus a few things we still needed as they get bigger. 

Here's my haul, total cost $475
-two britex convertible car seats (paid $170, retails $400 to $500 new)
-expedition double  jogging stroller (paid $45, retails $200 to $250)
-two bounces seats for sitters ($20.75)
-two bounces seats for grandparents ($30)
-two rock n plays for grandparents (paid $60, $120 new)
-activity mat from grandparents ($8)
-two boppy pillows for grandparents ($30)
-pack and play for sitters ($15)
-baby Bjorn carrier (paid $4, retails for $60 to $70)
-noise machine for grandparents ($3)
-monitor for grandparents ($5)
-crib soother ($8)
-Cinderella DVD ($8)
-10 Mercer Mayer books aka Little Critter ($3.75)
-11 Berenstein Bear books ($4)
-variety of 3 to 9 month clothing 
-various toys including Christmas gifts for nephew Oscar

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