Thursday, September 5, 2013

We've gone public

I finally ventured into public with the girls. Other than walks in the metroparks and the Starbucks/bank drive thrus, we haven't taken them into public yet. So just us girls had a day at Target and it was magical. They fell asleep after about ten minutes so I just walked around. For an hour. I got myself a skinny vanilla latte and hung a basket from the stroller and walked down every aisle. I was relieved/surprised/a little disappointed that no one stopped and asked me lots of twin related questions. I was expecting to be bombarded. Actually the only person who spoke to me was the cash register lady. Apparently Target is a wonderful haven for new moms. 

Let it be known that Target doesn't have Halloween costumes out yet. Also you will be proud and impressed that all I bought was formula. (Okay I also bought shampoo. And mascara.) And if you buy three formula containers of enfamil, Target gives you a ten dollar gift card. Score. 

Things that amused me at Target: 

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