Monday, September 30, 2013

Second week back at work

Well this is week two for me back at work. I'm working 32 hours with two days in the office (Monday, Wednesday) and two days at home (Thursday, Friday). I still have mixed feelings about it.

I really, really like my job. It was kind of weird being back though. Because of bed rest, my last day in the office was April 10. I worked from home until I delivered and then took 16 weeks of maternity leave. So I felt a little out of my element. We have a high turn over agency/industry so there were a ton of new people in the office, and a bunch of people I had worked on accounts with were gone. Plus we went through a reorganization and I got put on a different team. Still learning which accounts I'll be on - last week was more of a ramp up period. Each day seems to get a little easier.

I think for our family going back to work was the best decision. I of course cried (just a little!) dropping the girls off at the sitter's house last Monday. Today I only felt a little weepy but kept it together. In the long run I know this will better for everyone but leaving your kids all day just sucks. I wish I could clone myself and work and be a stay at home at the same time. Sigh. I do get to play stay at home on Tuesdays though, and I'm working from home two days a week so its really not that bad. I can't imagine how hard going back full time after only six weeks of leave would be. Glad my company offers more flexibility than that.

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