Friday, August 23, 2013

The magical healing powers of Aquaphor

You know in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" how the dad uses Windex to cure every aliment? Well such a cure-all exists for babies and its called Aquaphor. We use it every time we change on a diaper on the girls' butts to prevent diaper rash, on dry skin after a bath, on their poor irritated neck skin from dried formula, etc. It is a must have for any baby care regiment.

The girls' necks have been super red and sore. Between sloppy eating and spitting up, milk keeps getting trapped in their neck folds. I try to wipe it off as often as possible but its really bothering their skin. Darren and I decided we were going to be millionaires and invent a product that would keep milk and formula from leaking onto a baby's neck during feedings only to discover much to our dismay that such products already exist. A few clicks on Amazon, and our feeding bibs will be arriving today. Hoping between the new bibs and applying Aquaphor that the redness clears up.

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