Friday, May 10, 2013

Good appointment today! 3D ultrasound pics

30 week twin 3d ultrasound
Baby B
After such a crazy week, we had a really great appointment today with the specialist.

Baby A weighs 4 lbs (60th percentile). You can see her 3D shot with her sister's butt sticking right into her face.

Baby B weighs 3 lbs 13 oz (55th percentile). She is breached though. The specialist said there is a chance she could flip still. A chance. But as of right now, we are looking at  C-section most likely.

Both heart beats looked good in the 150s.

The specialist said at this point, even being 3 cm dilated, there is still a chance I could make it to 37 weeks. Or I could go sooner. It's hard to say. But with the steroid shots and both girls weighing in so well he said it would be a really good outlook. So that made me fee a lot better.
30 week twin 3d ultrasound
Baby A

 Just taking it easy and staying off my feet as much as possible.

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