Tuesday, May 28, 2013

33 week check up

Saw the doctor again today and everything is going good. She took me off home monitoring today! At this point since I know what contractions feel like, I can just keep track of them myself and call the doctor if I think its actual labor. I am pretty excited not to have to hook up to that machine for two to four hours every day.

I did a quick NST (non-stress test) today where they monitor the babies' heart rates and contractions for 20 minutes. Baby A was moving around so much we couldn't even get her on the monitor for very long. Both girls looked good though and we passed.

Basically the plan right now is to get me to 34 weeks. If I go into labor before Saturday, they would try to hold me off until then with various drugs. But after Saturday, whatever happens happens. At 34 weeks its possible we could avoid the NICU but it will really depend on the doctor and how the girls are doing. Chances are much better at 35 weeks of staying out of the NICU. Can I make it another week and four days? Well I am going to try!~ I really did not think we were going to make it this far when we had the positive FFN at 26 weeks 6 days. But we've hung in there!

Here's the theme song for the next week and a half:

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