Saturday, May 4, 2013

30 week twin belly

Well we made it to 30 weeks! Babies are the size of a head of cabbage, weighing in at/almost/just over three pounds (depending on which pregnancy app you are consulting). They are doing all kinds of acrobatic moves in there too.

30 week twin belly
Not a maternity dress!
Today marks three weeks one day of bed rest. It's been a much better week though after getting the negative FFN. A lot less stressful. I am still testing for contractions twice a day and taking it easy. For the most part, I am having one to three contractions an hour (which I can't really feel), with four or more sometimes. I just hydrate, lay down and re-monitor when that happens and the number always goes down below four.

We are having new carpeting installed in the basement/upstairs on Wednesday/Thursday which means we'll be able to put the nursery together next weekend. Darren and his dad painted the nursery dressers and spray painted the handles so it is looking good. I can't wait to get the baby stuff out of the living room and dining room and start to have a somewhat organized house back. My sister and cousin Jackie also came over and did some cleaning for me which was super nice and makes me feel less guilty about not being able to do anything.

I also finished Lost Season 2. Here are my thoughts: What will happen to Michael and Walt? What will the others do with Kate, Jack and Sawyer? Will Hurley and/or Syed somehow save them? What happened when Desmond blew up the hatch? Are Mr. Eckles, Lock and Desmond still alive? What was the deal with Desmond's ex girlfriend tracking for an electromagnetic abnormality? Do I like Jin or do I think he's an ass? Why did Charlie do his best to be such a weirdo/jerk this season, yet why did Claire still kiss him? How come Libby was at the crazy hospital with Hurley, and why did they kill her off so quickly? What is the Dharma initiative anyway? Who are the others?

Twin belly pics.

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