Friday, May 17, 2013

6 weeks of bed rest and hating every second of it

This is not an upbeat post.

I've been on bed rest now for five weeks. I cannot even begin to explain how bad it sucks. Pretend that you haven't left your house in SIX weeks except to go to the doctor or the hospital. Not one trip to the grocery store, Target, to see a friend, grab a cup of coffee, enjoy a dinner out. No walks, picnics, bike rides in this beautiful weather. Nope, none of that. On top of that, when you are home, you are allowed to do basically nothing beyond watch TV/read and get up briefly to make dinner/grab water/shower. FOR SIX WEEKS STRAIGHT. I am losing my mind. Not to mention all the stress associated with monitoring twice a day an hour each time for contractions, then sometimes having too many and having to retest, and constantly being freaked out that you are going to deliver early and your kids will be in the NICU forever and/or have long and/or short term medical problems associated with pre-term birth. And going to the hospital TWICE. It's not very fun.

Then, you have two babies coming but you can't do anything to get ready. Do you know how frustrating it is that I can't even go out to my car and put the car seats in place? I can't throw in a load of laundry of baby clothes? And the urge to be "nesting" and make the house clean? Nope. No vacuuming, no sweeping, no cleaning at all really. (Thankfully Darren and other family members have been stepping in. But the point is, I want to be doing it not asking other ppl to do stuff for me.)

I have tried Googling bed rest boredom cures and what I've learned is that there are none. Thanks Google for suggesting I keep the TV remote and a lap top nearby. If only I had thought of that on my own. Some other suggestions:  Start a blog. Do a craft. Fill in the baby book. Check, check, check. I've tried it all. If anyone else tells me it must be nice to have time to relax now before the babies come, I am going to scream. Bed rest is not relaxing.

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