Saturday, March 30, 2013

25 week twin belly

The babies are the size of rutabagas. They weigh about 1.5 lbs according to the baby apps.

My gestational diabetes test was negative on Thursday, as well as my FFN test so no labor for two weeks. The doctor will keep doing the FFN test every two weeks until I get to 30 weeks. We'll be logging a lot of time at the doctor's office coming up.

I had Good Friday off and had an amazing day of pampering. Got a prenatal massage at Lakewood Masotherapy and then my friend Kendall did a free hair smoothing treatment (doc gave the approval on it) at her salon out in Beachwood. Apparently I won't have to straighten my hair for months so I am pretty pumped about it.

We also completed week one of our five week birthing class through Fairview Hospital on Thursday night. Most of it was focused on what happens to your body during pregnancy and delivery. The last half hour we took our pillows and blankets and did deep breathing techniques while our labor couch rubbed our back and shoulders. It was my favorite half hour of the week. We also used exercise balls to practice moving through the pain of contractions. To simulate the pain, the instructor asked the partners to pinch their pregnant wives (or girlfriends, or sisters, etc). She even told them to pinch harder 20 seconds into the contraction. She recommended practicing this at home. So if you see me with welts on my arms, its not spousal abuse, its contraction practice. (Note: I will not be practicing at home.)

25 week twin bellytwin belly pics

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