Friday, March 22, 2013

Baby Bargains

One of my co-workers shared this wonderful resource with me. For most first time moms, you will have no idea what to register for and will feel completely overwhelmed by the hundreds of choices, brands and products out there. What do you really need? What brands are good and do you really need to spend that much?

Enter Baby Bargains.

Photo from the Baby Bargain's website.
With an online version and a book you can order, Baby Bargains reviews all things baby and makes suggestions for good, better and best purchases while giving grades to each manufacturer for the different types of products (strollers, high chairs, swings, play mats, etc.). One suggestion I would make, register for everything you need and then start looking at resale shops/craigslist for the exact items you want and slowly taking them off the registry. Trust me, babies need so much STUFF (especially if you have two in there) that I promise there will still be plenty on your registry even as you buy some items used. The swing that Baby Bargains rated best is listed at $179.00 on Babies R Us. I got two, one on craigslist and the other at a resale event, each $40.

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