Thursday, March 28, 2013

Home Doppler

For my birthday, my husband bought me a home doppler so I could hear the babies' heartbeats whenever I wanted. For the neurotic and constant worriers, this little device can be very refreshing.

Photo from Amazon.
I *thought* I was picking up heartbeats around week 13. But I realize now that I was hearing my own heartbeat. The difference is how fast the heartbeat is. The actual baby (or babies) heartbeat will be much faster - you will probably have a hard time counting it. Baby heartbeats are usually around 120 to 180. (The girls have been around 150 for most of the pregnancy.) Our own heartbeats are much slower, under 100.

When you do find a baby heartbeat, it will sound more like horse hoof beats. I was  picking them up by week 15 or 16. Any time I get a little nervous or feel a weird cramp, its been refreshing to be able to hear them both. It keeps me sane and from freaking out because I am always worried. It helps too if you have an idea of where the babies are. I pay attention every ultrasound or when the doctor uses her doppler to see where she is hearing them. Obviously babies moves around but it can give you a starting point. It may take several minutes to find a heartbeat so be patient! I also use my doppler sparingly, like once a week or once every two weeks. I'm not really sure if its safe to use everyday. Be cautious about over use.

Here is the one I have. It's from angelsounds.

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