Tuesday, March 26, 2013

24 week check up

Had another doctor's appointment today. This was the ninth ultrasound I've got this pregnancy. I hadn't realized that most people only get a couple ultrasounds throughout the entire 40 weeks until someone said something about this at my yoga class. A small perk for being high risk!

Anyway, both babies are now in the breached position. This makes sense because I've been feeling baby movement really low the last week or so. That would be the girls both kicking me about four inches below my belly button. There is still time for them to turn though.

I go back on Thursday for a fetal fibronectin test and the gestational diabetes test. The fetal fibronectin is a protein test that can indicate early labor is approaching. Hoping its at zero on Thursday! I guess a zero means you have almost no chance of going into labor for two weeks.

Also, my uterus is only measuring three weeks ahead at 27 weeks. Which is funny because I feel like I look about ready to pop. My blood pressure is still super low at 100/66. Point for me!

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