Monday, March 30, 2015

36 weeks AND two days!

Nearly past the preemie phase (37 weeks is considered full term)! While this pregnancy is not nearly as hard as the previous one, I am definitely feeling the woes of end of pregnancy. My back KILLS. My vagina hurts (pelvic pressure, whoa). I'm so big. I feel emotional. Lots of Braxton Hicks/cramps. UGH.

I'm also feeling slight panic as the nursery isn't even close to being done and won't be anytime soon considering Darren is recovering from surgery still. I guess at least I have all the clothes washed, they are just stuffed into a plastic bin and not organized, which is't the end of the world but the nesting instinct in me begs to differ.

This weekend Darren and I had a lunch date at Barrio and then went grocery shopping while his parents came up to watch the girls. Grocery shopping was hilarious because Darren obviously can't lift anything so I pushed the cart, grabbed all the food, loaded everything onto the belt, bagged everything, put everything in the cart and loaded the van with my ginormous preggo belly. Outsiders can't see Darren's surgery scars so they were probably like, "why won't he help her????" haha. After grocery shopping I thought I might die though. My back hurt soooo bad! The end is near!

Excited to meet my little bean over the next few weeks!

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