Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A trip to Fairview hospital... for Darren!

Well Darren has his appendix out Monday night. Not the trip to the hospital we've been expecting!

Darren had the typical appendicitis pain that starts around the belly button and moves to the right side, but it was never very severe and didn't come with a fever or any of the secondary symptoms. All weekend we debated whether he needed to go get it check out or not. Finally on Monday he went to see his doctor, who sent him to the hospital for a cat scan. His appendix was inflamed and needed to come out.

My parents came over to watch the girls and I met him at the hospital for his surgery. The very friendly people of Fairview Hospital kept stopping me asking if I knew my way to labor and delivery. The security guard asked if my doctor called ahead. Ha, not in labor just yet I kept telling everyone! Got there around seven and they wheeled him into surgery around 9:40. I felt mild panic all day - no 35 week pregnant lady likes the idea of her husband undergoing surgery - but the procedure seemed pretty routine so I had calmed down some by the time he went in for surgery. Everything went fine (did you know they take the appendix out through the belly button???? Apparently they are even doing some hysterectomies through the belly button now.) and he was in the recovery room by about 11 something. I stayed till about one a.m. until he was settled into his room and headed home. Got the girls ready in the morning, dropped them off at daycare and went back to the hospital. He was discharged by 11 a.m. so a fast stay.

We must have made an interesting pair walking down the hospital hallway with my giant pregnant belly waddle and Darren's slow post surgery walk in the stylish hospital gown with the IV stand trailing behind him. We are pathetic lol.

At least the recovery seems pretty fast. He can't lift anything heavy for two weeks. Challenging when you have two toddlers. A bigger challenge when your wife probably shouldn't be doing a ton of heavy lifting either. We are so lucky we have so much family and friends in the area. So many people have already offered to bring us over food (we have a delivery schedule!) and help with things like laundry. I promise to pay all this kindness forward some day when I can. The meals are a huge help.

Today was Darren's bday (terrible timing being two days post surgery!) but we are making the best of it with a dinner delivery from Buca di Beppos.

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