Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A giant baby!

Baby girl is measuring 8 lbs 13 oz!!!! (Average weight of a newborn baby is 7.5 lbs) Dear lord! I am 36 weeks 4 days but she is measuring at 39 weeks 5 days and my uterus is measuring at 40 weeks. Explains the back and vagina pain. My baby is bigger than most full term babies! Obviously the ultrasound measurements can be a little off (by one pound) but she's still big either way. Apparently I grow giant babies.

No ultrasound pic- baby girl is too squirmy!

I was 2 cm dilated, 50 percent effaced and baby is at -3. So no real signs of coming early. A bigger baby isn't an older baby the doctor said.

The only issue with having such a big baby (as a preemie mama I love having a good size healthy baby!) is that I might not be able to vbac. My doctor's cut off for a vbac is 9lbs 13 oz. Bigger than that can be dangerous for baby and mama with a vbac. I really do not want a csection again but it's out of my hands at this point. So I'll have another scan at 39 weeks to see how big she is. Or she can come on her own before then and I can deliver naturally!

I see the doctor again next week and she is going to sweep my membranes. What the heck does that mean?
Stripping membranes, sometimes called membrane sweeping, is a method used to try to start labor. The health care provider puts her or his finger into the cervix -- the mouth of the uterus -- and uses the finger to gently separate the bag of water from the side of the uterus near the cervix. It is easily done in the office during a regular pelvic exam. -
I guess it can help start labor about 50 percent of the time. Here's hoping for no csection!

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