Monday, March 9, 2015

Nearing the end!

Hit 33 weeks on Saturday. Here's the last comparison belly shot (never got a 34 weeks photo since I went into labor at 33 weeks 6 days). I feel GIANT. Somehow I thought I would look dramatically smaller this pregnancy but in the picture it doesn't really translate. My sister, however, said the picture doesn't really do it justice and I am way smaller this time. Thank you Katie. You make me feel less big and gross.

I saw my doctor for my 32 week appointment. Been having a lot of pressure/cramps/Braxton Hicks so she checked my cervix. Already 1 cm dilated and 80 percent effaced. I didn't get put on bed rest, but she told me to take it easy and wrote me a note requesting I work from home as much as possible. So basically I am to cut out all optional activities like grocery shopping. My doctor seems to think the baby is going to come a little early, but hopefully after 35 weeks.

I ended up in L&D last week with a false alarm. I think it was a combination of my appointment and just feeling really nervous. I was having a lot of uterine irritability but no major contractions (a few minor ones) so they sent me home. The doctor at the hospital didn't seem to think I had any risk of preterm labor so that was in contrast to what my doctor thought. I'm going to continue to listen to my doctor though. Overall I felt really stupid for going into L&D. I know everyone says better safe than sorry but I still felt silly. Oh well!

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