Monday, March 16, 2015

Two records, an ear infection and another twin sale

Two records were set this weekend. 1. I have now been pregnant longer than I was with girls. 34 weeks and two days as of today! 2. The girls slept in on Sunday until 8:35 a.m. Mind = blown. I can only assume it was because of the time change and being sick.

Took the girls into urgent care this weekend. Both acting funny and tugging on ears. In a shocking role reversal, Bailey was fine and Brooklyn had an ear infection. So one more antibiotic/sickness before this awful winter is over.

The twin sale was this weekend. Since I'm pregnant, I was able to bring Darren with me so he got to experience the chaos of the member's only preview sale. We did pretty well. Mostly clothes this time and a few toys. Spent $200 for all the stuff pictured below. My favorite find was the toy box with the bead maze (the kind you see in a doctor's office) on top for $4.50.

Now that I've passed 34 weeks, I feel so much more relaxed. Would love to make it another 4 weeks at least. I'm feeling super uncomfortable and miserable though. And GIANT and gross. End of pregnancy is hard whether you have one or two babies. (Though obviously it was soooo much harder with two). I am so sore and tired and just have terrible cramps and pelvic pain all day. I see the doctor on Wednesday so I'll find out if I'm more dilated/effaced than I was at 32.

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