Thursday, October 23, 2014

New baby makes five!

So we kept debating on when to have another one and we finally just decided to go for it. Baby #3 is due April 25. I'll be 14 weeks this Saturday and baby has been measuring six days ahead.
Pregnancy announcement with baby books!

The girls will be around 23 months when baby arrives so I think that's a good distance. Yes, we will have three kids under two for a bit, and I fully understand there will be some crazy moments, but I think in the long run having them all close together will be really fun. Our thought in the end was let's just add more crazy onto our already crazy lives.

We had our first ultrasound at ten weeks. Obviously we knew there was a CHANCE of twins again. The average person has about a 1 to 3 percent chance of having twins (without fertility). Your chance increases if you've already had twins, making you four times more likely to have twins (so about a 4 to 12 percent chance). Overall, still pretty low odds. My doctor said they've never had anyone in their practice have a second set of twins. Of course, she said most moms don't have another baby after having twins, lol.

Anyway, just one baby! We made her double check a few times. We also had the NT scan at 12 weeks and still just one baby so no way they missed anything. I knew it was only one this time because I felt about 1/10th as sick. Only had to take Zofran a couple times. I dry heaved maybe ten or so times, but way better than all day every day. Didn't need all the morning sickness remedies I mastered from last pregnancy.

I've been super tired though. I will chalk that one up to being pregnant, working full time and having two toddlers. I've been in bed by nine most nights and have zero energy to cook or work out. Doing the best I can.

We find out the gender Nov. 21. Since this is just a few days before my 30th birthday, I think we are going to have her write it down in secret again and do another gender reveal cake, but just for Darren and I this time.

A few things that will be different about this pregnancy that I have already decided and refuse to budge on.
  • No bed rest
  • No c-section
  • No preemie babies
  • No NICU
  • No early delivery
  • No taking my babies away from me and not being able to see them for hours or hold them for days
At least I am HOPING for all this. My doctor said doing a v-bac after twins makes you a great candidate because everything is so stretched out and even if the baby is breech its easy to flip. Which is wonderful because I prefer never, ever to have a c-section again.

The doctor also warned me that I would get big fast, again because the twins stretched out my uterus. Honestly I look pretty on track with a singleton belly as I did with a twin belly. Comparison below!

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