Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Morning Sickness Remedies

Thankfully my "morning sickness" stopped around week 14 to 15. Let's take a second to clarify that morning sickness is an inaccurate phrase that implies you'll start to feel better around noon. You won't. Or at least I didn't.

Actually, for me, the only time I felt kind of decent was when I first woke up. I would have about 20 solid minutes of feeling relatively okay until the nausea set in. It wouldn't stop until I fell asleep at night. I started feeling nauseous on and off almost almost immediately - like at about 3.5 weeks. I'm guessing this is largely due to the twin factor. But it really got bad at six weeks. Luckily, I only threw up about seven times, usually I just dry heaved, so the babies were getting all of their nutrients.

Here's a few things that seemed to help make the morning sickness slightly less intense.
1. Zofran. I took this wonderful prescription every day from 6.5 weeks to 14 weeks. They also gave me another anti-nausea pill that I only took at night if I was having a really bad day b/c it knocked me out more than Nyquill would.   
2. Ginger hard candies. I kept these in my purse and sucked on them throughout the day.
3. Eating every few hours. An empty stomach would always make it worse. Even just a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit sufficed to keep something in my stomach.
4. Crackers didn't help me at all interestingly. If anything, they kind of made it worse. I guess I'm just not a saltine fan. Other carbs, however, seemed to do the trick.
5. If you are having a really bad day, stick with BRAT diet (bread, rice, apples, toast). A trick from my mom that has never let me down.
6. Ginger ale or root beer also helped. Make sure you don't get Barq's brand root beer, it's the only brand with caffeine.
7. Walking or stretching. Light exercise actually helped sometimes.
8. Fresh air. Going outside and breathing in fresh air sometimes gave me a little relief.
9. Avoid your triggers. For me, this was reheated meat, turkey (Christmas and Thanksgiving were both rough), the smell of gravy, fish smell and waking through the parking garage at work (every day when I got in my car at the end of the day, I dry heaved).
10. Take a b complex vitamin with b6 in it. B6 can help ease morning sickness.
11. Try taking your pre-natal vitamin later in the day and consider breaking it into two doses if needed.
12. Some days there will be no relief. In this case, I found that lying in bed with a wet wash cloth on my head and moaning was all that I could really do. Get used to watching way more tv than you used to - you'll be doing a lot of couch time.

Anyway, I feel fine now most days so I am glad that passed. Just do your best to make sure you are still eating and getting liquids for the babies (or baby if you have a singleton). Let your doctor know if you can't keep anything down.

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