Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ball catching, heel wearing, baby gate defeating and twin groupbrunching

So Brooklyn can catch a ball now! As preemies, the girls haven't really ever hit any developmental milestones early (they've been right on time for everything for adjusted age) so this was the first time I've been able to say "she is so advanced!" (Typically kids don't catch balls till around age 3. Brooklyn is 16 months). And this isn't a one time fluke. She's been doing it all week. She also kicks and throws the ball pretty good. A future athlete maybe! Bailey can't catch yet but she does love when the ball hits her tummy and rolls off.
Watch it here:

Some other funny recent toddler moments.

We've had a baby gate set up to block the lamp and the beloved electrical cords from the girls. This has worked fine for months and months. Until this weekend. I turn around and Bailey has moved the gate aside and gone inside like it's a fort. This turned into the girls opening and closing the gate, trying to play with the outlet and the lamp's electrical cord and knocking the gate over. They seemed to forget about it the next day so hopefully this buys us some additional baby proofing time. Also Brooklyn now has an obsession with wearing my shoes, which is adorable.

We had another twin parent survival get together. This time we traveled super far to the east side where are friends from Fairview Park now reside. Turns out the iphone maps does include directions to the mysterious east side. The kids all had a good time and we somehow managed to even get a photo of them all in the same area! You have no idea what a challenge getting ten toddlers between 15 months and 22 months to stay in one spot is until you try it. Good times!

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