Monday, February 9, 2015

Help Me Grow Follow Up

We met with the speech therapist to go over the girls results. As expected they are doing really well in all areas but behind in expressive language. (They really scored high in fine motor and social. Also their scores were identical.) She suggested we start speech therapy with one session every three
weeks (half hour per child). Pretty manageable schedule!

So we'll be starting in a few weeks. For now she gave us a few pointers on things we can be working with. She also asked us to make a list of all the different sounds the girls make (ba, da, ga, etc) so I've been keeping track. Most of the suggestions are things we are already doing (see list to the left) but we are really concentrating to help them.

Upon her suggestion, we also cut pacifiers down to nap and bedtime only. The first couple mornings were a little rough but now they hand their pacifiers to us as we leave the bedroom and we put them on the dresser. They do seem to be a lot more vocal without pacifier access (not that  they used them non stop but they would periodically throughout the day have them). I debated for a second cutting them cold turkey, but they are already not great nappers and being in my third trimester, I need them to continue being good sleepers at night. We'll cross the pacifier elimination bridge some day.

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