Tuesday, February 3, 2015

28 weeks!

Twin belly vs single belly, 28 weeks.
I hit 28 weeks on Saturday which means I am officially in my third trimester. Woot woot!

Best part is not being on bed rest. Considering I was on bed rest at 26 weeks 6 days last time, I'm doing much better this time around. Starting to feel big and uncomfortable though. Mostly just big. I've been having a lot of pelvic pressure but seems pretty normal for this point in the pregnancy. Things seem to be going really well though.

I have been slacking on my blog writing but this has been the house of sickness since a couple days after Christmas. Aside from the pneumonia, the bronchitis, the high fevers, etc., we also had the stomach bug going around our house the last couple weeks. Started with Brooklyn. She puked all day Thursday. Seemed fine on Friday, puked on more time on Saturday. That was the first time we really had either of the girls throw up excessively (beyond minor baby spit ups). I felt really off all day Friday and Saturday. Weak and dizzy. Then super nauseous on Saturday. Puked my guts out Saturday right before my company holiday party (which we still went to...). Have been feeling a little funny since then. Darren got sick late Saturday night and spent the entire evening puking.  Then my parents both got sick last night after watching the kids on Saturday. Somehow and thankfully, Bailey hasn't gotten sick yet this round.

I would love for spring to come and end all the viruses going around! Let's hope February is a more healthy month.

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