Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ear infections galore

This is just the most ridiculous winter of all time. I can't handle all the non stop sickness.

We were all off Monday for President's Day. No work and no day care! Fun day right? Nope. Because this is the winter of sickness. So I went to urgent care in the morning since I still have a terrible cough and not really feeling better (my primary care doctor's office didn't seem to think being 30 weeks pregnant with asthma and difficulty breathing and persistent cough was reason enough to get me in that day, Screw them.) Doctor said my sinus infection hasn't gone away and wrote me another ten day prescription for augmentin. I am feeling kind of a little tiny bit better, sort of. Sigh.

So in the afternoon I took the girls to the pediatrician because their eyes were crusting over and coughing and what not. Ear infection and pink eye for both. They got put on an antibiotic I've never even heard of (cefdinir). So we hung out at home the rest of the day.

Then on Tuesday Darren got sick.

Wednesday Bailey got sent home for daycare with a fever of 102. She woke up from nap time with bad eye crusties again. Clearly the antibiotic was not working.

Took Bailey to doctor Thursday morning while Darren went and saw his doctor. Bailey's mild early ear infection in one ear turned into a nasty double ear infection. Doctor switched her to augmentin. Since this gives her super awful diaper rash, she suggested we try priobotics with it this time so giving that a shot. This is Bailey's FIFTH ear infection since October. If she gets another, doctor said it's time to see an ENT which I would assume would mean tubes in the ear. Poor baby girl was feeling a little better by tonight but still has the sick eyes and sick smell.

I hate this winter. I hate viruses. I hate illness. BRING ME SPRING!

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