Monday, November 17, 2014

The many phases of baby gate set ups

We've gone through many phases with elaborate gate systems in an effort to childproof.

Here is the evolution!

Set up #1:
First baby set up when they first learned to crawl/walk.

Set up #2 (Opened up the space a bit, kept "safe zone" in living room with TV where kids couldn't get). We also blocked off the kitchen for a while but took out the kitchen gate eventually to give them more room to roam.
Gate between living room and entry way.
#2: Gate across the room block TV area.
Gate blocking lamp (not always effective!)
Set up #3, the current set up. Opened TV area but blocked actual TV. Still blocking access to stairs and entryway.

Open space!
TV watching increases lol. The magic of Disney.

Fire place child proofing!

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