Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gender reveal.... it's a....

We had our anatomy scan on Friday. Baby looked great, weighing in at 8 oz with a heartbeat around 149. We had the tech write down the gender in secret so we could do a gender reveal cake.

According to all the old wives tales, here's what I should be having:

Do you prefer salty (Boy) or sweet (girl)? Chocolate milk and grilled cheese. I guess sweet if we are counting the chocolate part of the milk.

Are you carrying low (boy) or high (girl). Belly looks low to me.

Is heartbeat over 140 (girl) or under 140 (boy). Over.

Does heartbeat sound like a galloping horse (girl) or train (boy)? Train all the way.

Chinese gender test said boy. (used this link:

Ring test (wedding rang dangled on string over belly turns in circles for girl, back and forth for boy). Back and forth.

Anne Helms. My cousin has successfully predicted every baby born in the family. She said girl.

Morning sickness (yes for girl, no for boy). This is so hard to answer because nothing was worse than morning sickness with the twins. I did feel nauseous most of the day but never threw up and only dry heaved about ten times. I would have said overall, no the morning sickness was not bad, so again points to a boy.

Dreams - Dreamed I was having a boy. So did my sister and cousin Alice. 

Skin - overall my skin is pretty much the same. They say girls steal your beauty and boys make you even more beautiful. Darren, as a smart man, said I obviously look more beautiful. Hard to call this one either way.

Hairy legs - Apparently the testosterone from a boy can make the hair on your legs grow quicker.This seems to be true for me this pregnancy.

Bump shape - carrying it all in front means boy, carrying it in hips and thighs means girls. Mine seems to be mostly in belly, but it was for girls too. 

Faces shape - Round with a rosy glow means girls (which is me!)

So in the end I really had no clue what gender the baby was. I was leaning slightly towards a boy. 

Barr baby #3 is...

A GIRL!!!!

Three girls under age 2 coming this spring! 

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