Tuesday, June 10, 2014

One Year Check Up

One year vs three weeks old.
Girls had their one year check up on Friday. Both weighed EXACTLY the same, 20 lbs 7 oz (the nurse said this is so unusual, even identical twins are usually at least a few ounces different). They were pretty close in height, nearly 29 inches (Brooklyn was a sixth of an inch taller). This puts them in the 40-45th percentile (in the adjusted scale) for height and weight.

They also got three more shots at their appointment. First MMR, Hept A and I think PCV but I can't even remember now. Thankfully Darren was able to go with me so we could each hold a baby after their shot. The nurse was telling us with twins as they get older, they have one leave the room so they don't see the other get the shots. I can only imagine how the other twin waiting in the hall is feeling hearing their sister crying inside!

Overall they are doing so well. Right on track for everything. We switched them to whole milk on Friday (cold turkey) without any issues (as long as it's heated a little to take the chill off). So they are now getting 18 oz of whole milk a day. Let's do a little dance of rejoice for never having to buy formula for the twins again! One Enfamil refill box of formula ($35.99) lasted us about 4.5 days (as a side note, I think we calculated we spent about $5K on formula over the course of a year. Wowza! They were drinking more ounces before we started solids and we had to buy preemie formula, which is more expensive, for a little bit.)

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