Thursday, June 19, 2014

First Birthday Party Menu

I really like to cook but don't get much a chance now. (I would say for most of the first year, dinner time generally involves Darren and I scavengering around in the fridge for weekend leftovers or putting together something fast and eating standing up in the kitchen, alternating while on feeds the kids and the other has about two minutes to inhale food. It's recently been getting better. And now that we are getting a weekly Fresh Fork bag, I've been actually making some really yummy dinners during the week.) Anyway, I was really excited about the first birthday menu. After consulting Pinterest, here's the menu:

Raspberry Sherbert
Coconut and honey energy balls
Mango salsa (which, might I add, is award-winning based on my victory at work in the salsa contest)
Taco cupcakes
Chicken and waffles 
Meatball and breadstick sub skewers
Fruit salad (my mom made this)
Chocolate and white almond sheet cake (Giant Eagle)

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