Monday, June 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Babies!

Can't believe our girls turned one on Sunday. Happy birthday to Bailey, the oldest (by one minute), who giggles all day at everything and anything, who shoves cheese by the fistful into her mouth, who squeals in delight at the sight of the cat, who recently learned to crawl forward after many weeks of struggling only going backwards, who has beautiful blue eyes that melt your heart, who rocks back and forth when she really likes the music playing, who loves lifting the flaps in the zoo book and who gives the sweetest hugs. Happy birthday to Brooklyn, our wild child, who is always on the go crawling everywhere and recently mastered pulling herself into a standing position, who shakes with happy anticipation when she gets her sippy cup at dinner, who has infectious grins that make her green eyes sparkle, who prefers the Disney enchanted princess song book before bed, who tackles and climbs all over you in lieu of hugs and who finds such joy in sunglasses & baseball caps and turning everyday objects into hats (ie book hats). And for your mutual love of peek-a-boo, blankets over your heads, mirrors, Cheerios, remote controls, cell phones, belly laughs and giggling at each other, happy birthday to our angels. xoxoxo

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