Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Milestones and teeth!

Crib interactions!
  • Teeth! We finally have teeth! Both girls have one tooth poking through now (not to be confused when I incorrectly thought Brooklyn was teething at four months. It was just a calcium deposit that disappeared!). Neither tooth is all the way up but you can visibly see it poking through. 
  • The girls are now interacting in their cribs which is sooooo cute. You can just hear them laughing at each other and watch them reach through the crib to touch each other. The other day I watched on the monitor as Bailey was asleep and Brooklyn was crawling around the crib playing, pulling herself up to peer into the crib to see what Bailey was up to. She finally picks up a stuff animal and throws it into Bailey's crib to try and wake her up! (Which she did!)
  • Brooklyn climbed up one stair yesterday! Ahhh! She is on the move!
  • We also switched the girls to convertible car seats (rear facing still) over the last week or so. 
  • Brooklyn started dancing (rocking and back and forth) like her sister now. And she climbs up on EVERYTHING. I've seen her stand without holding onto anything for short periods, too. 
  • Bailey is really close to being able to pull herself up. Her crawling is getting a lot faster. She's also been clapping all the time like Brooklyn. 
  • Last day in infant car seats!
  • They are doing really well eating still. Had their first bites of pizza the other day. Actually they are really liking kale and avocado smoothies right now. They get so excited over that stuff. Silly babies think it's ice cream or something. :) 

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