Thursday, February 20, 2014

And then the other baby got sick

Well Brooklyn got her sister's fever. I worked from home Tuesday due to yet another awful snowstorm. Our day care called around two and said Brooklyn had a fever (100.4) so I picked her up. Unlike Bailey who is the happiest sick baby ever, Brooklyn was not very happy at all poor thing. She felt so crummy she hardly slept all night, but we did get in some nice cuddle time watching Little Mermaid. We kept her home from day care on Wednesday. (Darren, who is also sick, took a sick day from work. Apparently it's going around the entire family. I feel like a sick zombie. Luckily I never get fevers and never even register normal so I'm holding strong at 96 degrees. Vampire blood.)

She had a better night Wednesday but didn't seem 100 percent this morning so I kept her home from day care again. This time my aunt was able to come over and watch her.

I wondered if both babies would be devastated being separated for two days. I mean, they've never been apart since conception! Well they weren't phased in the slightest and I'm pretty sure didn't even notice, ha.

Both the girls have colds too. Just in case you think I am lying about their colds, check out all the disgusting dried boogers on Brooklyn's face this morning. For your enjoyment.

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