Wednesday, February 26, 2014

First words (sort of?) and sign language

So I've heard both babies randomly say "words" during baby babble. Bailey has said a couple "das" and I've heard Brooklyn say "hi" before. But now Bailey is non stop staying "da da da da da." I'm not sure if this makes "dada" her first word then because it has nothing to do with Darren, ha.

Ironically, as Bailey started her non stop "dada" rambles on Sunday night, Brooklyn came out with "ma ma ma!" Which again, has nothing to do with me, but still, hearing your baby say "mama" for the first time is pretty awesome.

It's somewhat hard to catch them on video doing it because they kind of clam up/get distracted by my iphone but I've attempted to capture it below.

Also, I've noticed both babies have been doing the same hand motion whenever they get a bottle (squeezing their hand in and out, almost like milking a cow). I don't know sign language, but kept meaning to ask our babysitter if she's been teaching them any because I was pretty sure this meant milk. So she did confirm today that they've been learning a few signs, including milk. Smartest babies ever!

And everyone is feeling better finally! Hooray for healthy babies.

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