Friday, February 21, 2014

Goodbye baby weight!!!!

Officially lost all my twin baby weight! Praise Jesus! The girls will be 37 weeks tomorrow so that's how long it took me to lose the 5,000 pounds I gained. I know they always say it took nine months to gain it, it should take nine months to lose it. And yeah, technically I wasn't pregnant for the full nine months due to early delivery, but I had TWO so I think I am right on track. I wish there was a magic solution I could share (aka sell) with the other mamas out there for losing pregnancy weight. But in the end, eating healthy (most of the time) and working out (ha when I can) is the trick.

 I followed weight watchers which I think is hands down the easiest weight loss plan. For the brief time I was breastfeeding, it does  give you extra points to account for all the calories you are burning. And don't try to cheat the system and not eat all your points. That's stupid and unrealistic, plus it will mess with your metabolism. I really want to set a good example for my girls too so I don't want to do any weird diets that eliminate certain foods or force you to replace meals with shakes or cereal. No thanks. So I've been trying to focus on good choices and fewer processed items. Since I've been making all the baby food, we've had lots of fresh food around and I make extra and freeze it. That being said, I still love chipotle (now I get a burrito bowl with no cheese or sour cream) and have a serious weakness for chocolate and milkshakes. That's why I love weight watchers because you have extra weekly points for things like this. Obviously you can't splurge too often or you run out of points. 

So go me. Good luck to the other women trying to lose the baby weight. You'll get there. 

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