Monday, October 21, 2013

20 weeks, baby rolling, twin friends

The girls are now 20 weeks old as of Saturday. We hosted a brunch with our new twin club friends. We all get together over booze and food and talk about how much better we are than singleton parents (just kidding). For real about the booze and food though. So we had eight babies (four sets of twins age 3 to 10 months) and ten adults (one set of twins had to stay home b/c they are still on oxygen after a long NICU stay). It will be nuts as we continue our get togethers to see that many kids running around. Actually it was pretty interesting watching the ten month old twins b/c they are mobile and crawling all over the place. A glimpse into our crazy future. :)

On Sunday, Bailey flipped over from tummy to back twice. Not to be outdone, Brooklyn did it twice a few hours later. We also upped their ounces again (hungry babies!). So we are now giving them seven oz in the morning and last feeding and six during the day feedings for a total of 32 ounces. Also, I still think Brooklyn is teething. I swear I can (maybe) see a little tooth poking through her gums. One of the girls at the twin brunch told us that the NICU doctor told her preemies teeth really early. I could not confirm this through a Google search, other than people asking if this was true, so who knows? I guess we'll find out when she either gets a tooth soon or doesn't.

We finally got the girls to nap in their cribs instead of those rock n play sleepers. Woohoo. It's nice to have our living room back instead of tip toeing around for fear or waking them up. Of course, nap time in the cribs means several pacifier replacement trips upstairs but we're getting there. They have also slept TEN hours straight the last few nights. In bed by nine and up at seven. This makes me very happy.

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