Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dumbo's Magic Feather

Remember in Dumbo how the crows give him a "magic" feather and tell him he can fly if he holds it? And he flies like a pro until he drops it but then he learns he could fly all along and the feather wasn't magic at all. Ah, Disney.

So Brooklyn's magic feather for walking was a pair of shoes. I haven't really put shoes on the girls at all yet since they haven't needed them. But with both of them starting to walk I thought it was time. Anyway, Brooklyn was taking a few steps here and there. Still mostly crawling. She had a few long streaks were she would take maybe ten steps and then go back to crawling. I put the shoes on her Friday night and she took off. She's been walking non stop the entire weekend, even without the shoes.


She must be inspiring Bailey too because Bailey is taking more steps. Her record is five in a row now.

Also the girls turned 15 months yesterday. So big!

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