Monday, August 18, 2014

Babies' first Urgent Care visit

So we ended up at Urgent Care on Sunday. Brooklyn had a fever Thursday afternoon and Friday (103.2!) which was a little scary high but I took her into the doctor and it was just viral. Fever broke Friday evening and she seemed fine Saturday so we even went to my cousin's son's baptism.

On Sunday, both kids seems a little off in the morning (a bit clingy and crying more than usual). We had brunch plans at 100th Bomb Group so my aunts came over the watch them for a bit. By the time Brooklyn got up from her nap, she had this crazy rash all over her torso and face. She's already had roseola in the past (and so has Bailey) and it didn't really look like roseola so I was convinced she had measles or chicken pox or something crazy.

So we took them to Urgent Care. Bailey had a few spots on hr face and a really bad cold so I figured I'd have the doctor take a look at her too while we were there. Good thing I did because Bailey had an ear infection. Baby's first ear infection!

Bailey is on an antibiotic, which is the first one she's been on since the NICU. Poor little girl! I really had no clue she had an ear infection though so glad she got checked out.

Brooklyn's rash was just a viral rash. He said similar to Roseola.

I also treated the girls to some Mitchell's, because when you have an ear infection and a crazy rash I think you earned some. You should have seen how upset they were when the chocolate ran out. INCONSOLABLE. They ended up eating half my PB shake too!

This is what happens when the ice cream runs out!

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